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Deye 6.14kWh Lithium-Ion Battery

DEYE 5.32kWh Lithium Battery (Demo Unit) Deye 6.14kWh Lithium-Ion Battery DEYE HVB750V/100AH HV Battery Cluster Control Box
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Collection: Deye, Solar Batteries

Sku: DEYE-6.14KWH

Vendor: Deye

Deye 6.14kWh Battery – simply the best lithium-ion battery for solar. Deye Battery, a Low Voltage wall-mounted battery. 

  • Model: RW-M6.1
  • Energy: 6.14kWh.
  • Usable electricity: 5.53kWh.
  • Rating: C1
  • Single battery size: 460*720*143mm.
  • Weight: 55kg.
  • Rated voltage: 51.2V.
  • Recommended depth of discharge: 90%.
  • Certificate: UL, IEC, CE, FCC.
  • Warranty: 10 years.


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