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Freedom Won Lite Home 15/12 LiFePO4 Battery

Freedom Won Lite Home 10/8 LiFePO4 Battery. Freedom Won Lite Home 15/12 LiFePO4 Battery Freedom Won Lite Home 20/16 LiFePO4 Battery
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Vendor: Freedom Won

Freedom Won Lite Home 15/12 LiFePO4 Battery


These Batteries are not held in stock on our site. Please enquire with us availability and price.


Long Life High Performance Energy
The Freedom Lite Home and Freedom Lite Business range from Freedom Won offers the long overdue next generation energy storage with a quantum increase in service life and operational efficiency at a fraction of the life cycle cost compared to other energy storage options.

Compact, Integrated and Attractive
The Freedom Lite Home range covers the varying needs of home owners and even small business premises with models ranging from the Freedom Lite Home 5/4 to the largest 30/21. These models are wall mounted offering the ultimate in space saving. All models are integrated with the necessary Battery Management System (BMS) and control circuitry to protect the pack and interface with the separately supplied external inverter/charger unit – lithium cells can not be operated without a BMS. The standard Home enclosure is powder coated with white sides and face.

Control Interface for compatible Inverter/Chargers
The BMS provides digital potential free contacts for independent control of the inverter load and the charge from the main charger and solar charge controller through a multi-pin plug on the side of the module, which also includes pins for voltage sense and charge current control for compatible chargers. The BMS is fully configured prior to delivery.

Power Interface
Positive and negative studs are provided for connecting the 48V DC cables to the inverter and solar charge controller. The DC circuit is protected with a shunt trip  circuit breaker.

158 kg
Battery Type:
Lithium Ion
Nominal Energy:
15000 W/h
Depth of discharge:
90.00 %
52 V
Maximum Charge Rate:
15000 W
Maximum Discharge Rate:
24000 W