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Digital Watt Meter (Kill A Watt) - Measure your electricity usage

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NOTE: If the screen does not come on straight after pluging the unit in, please leave it plugged in and switched on for 24 hours, The screen should now have come on.


Do you ever wonder how much electricity your appliances are using?

The solution is here!

1) Plug the watt meter in-between the wall plug and your appliance

2) Immediately see exactly what your appliance is using (in watts)



The watt meter is plug and play. Just plug the cord into an electrical outlet and plug any device (up to 3600W) into the watt meter. If you want to measure multiple devices at once, you can plug an extension cord into the outlet of the watt meter

You can measure the following:

  • Wattage: 0~3600W (Max 3600 watts)
  • Voltage
  • Current: 0-16A (Max 16A)
  • Power Factor
  • Electricity Cost


Measure your power usage from the wall with this must have device.

The unit has 7 overall functional modes:
1) Real time power usage of an appliance in Watts
2) Total power used since monitoring started in Watts
3) Real time electrical voltage & frequency
4) Real time electrical current & power factor
5) Minimum power rating since monitoring started in Watts
6) Maximum power rating since monitoring started in Watts
7) Cost of total power used since monitoring started (based on set cost per kWh)


Technical Specifications:
Operating Voltage: 220-250vAC, 50Hz
Operating Current: Max 16A
Wattage Range : 5-3600W
Current Range : 0.02-16A
Meter Power Consumption : 0.5W
kWh Cost Range 0-99.99c/kWh
Total kWh Range : 0-9999 KWh
Total Cost Range : 0-9999 Cost
Connector : 3-pin South African Plug
Accuracy : +/- 2%

1 x Watt Meter
1 x User Manual