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Deye 18000 BTU Solar Air Conditioner

Deye 24000 BTU Solar Air Conditioner Deye 18000 BTU Solar Air Conditioner Deye High Voltage Battery 3U-Rack (FITS 12 x HV Batteries)
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  • 100% energy saving in day time. Only solar panel drive.
  • T3 Compressor
  • AC grid power limiter,  limit AC power from 0-600W
  • AC power mode,  DC power mode, AC+DC mix power supply (AC/DC Auto Balance)
  • No inverter, no battery, no charge controller
  • Full DC driven
  • Wide operating temperature  (-10℃ to 58 ℃)
  • Long warranty years
  • Deye hybrid ACDC solar air conditioners require no batteries, and only a few PV panels to deliver huge savings. Duringthe day, when air conditioning is needed the most, you can operate this unit partly or up to 100% by it’s independent solar
    panels to achieve maximum efficiency. At night, you can continue to save due to it’s high efficiency.
    The WIFI functionality allows full control, daily and weekly timers, complete visibility with AC and DC consumption and
    the history of all power consumption.Advised Solar Panels: (3 – 6)* 330W in series

    Dimensions & Certification

    Net weight indoor: 15Kg   

    Net weight outdoor: 37Kg

    Net size indoor (mm): 1085 x 330 x 239

    Net size outdoor (mm): 802 x 564 x 323

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